The promises you make on your wedding day form the trellis on which you will plant the vine of your relationship, and the vows of love, support and commitment will establish the basis for a lifelong partnership.

Marriage provides an environment of shared adventure and a new sense of freedom where each can achieve their potential with the unconditional support of a partner. It also encompasses the love, companionship, help and comfort that a husband and wife should have for each other, both in prosperity and in adversity.

Words are powerful but fleeting, and the sound of them is soon gone. Therefore the wedding ring becomes the enduring symbol and reminder of the promises you have just made.

These are just some of the paragraphs that can be included in your ceremony and they are indicative of my deep belief in marriage and all the goodness that a lifelong partnership brings. With your input and my guidance, we can create a ceremony that truly reflects your personalities and feelings about each other.

You will choose professionals to provide your wedding gown, reception, photography, videography, transportation, flowers, cake and music. Choose a professional to officiate at your ceremony and the day will be complete.

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Overseas Weddings

(a love story)

He was based in South East Asia and they planned to meet in New Zealand for a holiday...and why not get married while they were here?

Very wisely, they contacted Kathy who asked a few relevant questions then put her Thinking Cap on. Where would be the most memorable and amazing place be for a couple to hold their wedding ceremony?

Knowing that they truly appreciated the outdoors, the solution was a Sunset Wedding on Muriwai Beach and the ceremony included the words:

“The fact that you are both prepared to break all conventions to be married in New Zealand, without your families and friends being present, makes me feel that your marriage will be one that will involve some risk taking, some surprises and a deep respect and trust in each other.

Marriage is rather like this beach, sometimes it is a little bit wild and unpredictable and sometimes it is tranquil and peaceful. Know that it will not always be challenging, just let the winds blow away the cobwebs and enjoy the quiet times when they are there. Just as you cannot control the ocean, neither should you try to control each other.”

And another couple lived happily ever after.