Funeral Services

A funeral is a tribute and a celebration of life, bringing family and friends together at a time of mutual sadness and loss. By sharing their sorrow and paying true tribute, it can help them to remember with joy and to look ahead to the future.
When the death of a relative or friend occurs, it can be a very emotional and confusing time. There are so many decisions to be made in a relatively short time and, while your Funeral Directors will give you excellent advice and guidance on what they will take care of, they are not always able to provide information regarding the options for the actual service.

Mostly funerals are left for the family to organise at a time when emotions are fragile, and everyone in the family is grieving. It is vitally important that the funeral service of your loved one is conducted and designed to reflect the life of the deceased, and to give comfort to the bereaved.
In consultation with your family, I will design a funeral service which will meet everyone’s needs, so that everyone will feel satisfied that all that should be done and said has been done. You and your family are free to select the funeral celebrant you choose, not necessarily who the funeral director recommends.

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What I will do

  • Meet with those members of the family who will be making the decision about the style and content of the ceremony.
  • Give you advice for the venue for the ceremony – whether a private garden, function venue or a chapel.
  • Guide you through the order of service, what should be included and what options there are.
  • Share thoughts and ideas for readings, music, photo presentations.
  • Work with you to include special requirements and cultural traditions where required.
  • Help with ideas for the writing of eulogies and tributes.
  • Ensure that the ceremony is conducted with grace and serenity.
  • Provide a funeral service that is special to each individual, because I believe that saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the most personal and emotional experiences in life.