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On 18 March 2016, Kathy performed a ceremony for the lucky winners of the Breeze’s ‘Whirlwind Wedding’ competition. Watch the video or read about it here.

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The Wedding Specialist

What is it about a wedding?
No-one has yet found anything more romantic or meaningful than a couple in love pledging to spend the rest of their days together. And there is nothing to equal the planning and thought that goes into a wedding day. There are literally dozens of decisions to be made and there are NEVER two weddings quite the same. Quite remarkable really when you think about it. So, where does the Celebrant fit in? You can choose a stunning gown, gorgeous flowers, beautiful music and the most charming of bridesmaids, but if your ceremony doesn’t truly reflect your hopes and dreams for the future, then the rest of the day is incomplete. Choose your Celebrant with as much care as you chose your venue, your photographer and don’t settle for anything less than the best. Remember, you will never have the opportunity to say "I take you to be my husband (or wife)" to this special person again!

Kathy is a professional Celebrant, licensed to perform weddings and is located in Auckland, New Zealand. She is available every day of the week to make your day perfect.


Hi Kathy

Thank you for making our wedding so wonderful on Sunday last week
Thank God for the lovely weather we had and it was really great to have you as our celebrant on our special day.
Thanks again for all your help on our rehearsal & wedding day really appreciate it 

Kind Regards,

Rowena & Felix 

11 November 2015


Of all the events you ever plan, nothing will ever be as special as your wedding day.

This is the day that you declare to the world that you have found the one person who lights up your day, who gets your jokes and who will hold your hand as you grow old. You will give much thought to the venue, your wedding dress, your guest list, but the words that you choose for your ceremony will reflect how you really feel about the commitment of marriage.

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Usually funerals are left for the family to organise at a time when emotions are fragile and everyone in the family is grieving. It is vitally important that the funeral service of your loved one is designed to reflect the life of the deceased and conducted to give comfort to the bereaved. In consultation with your family, your celebrant will design a funeral service so that everyone will feel satisfied that all that should be done and said, has been done.

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Naming ceremonies

The miracle of birth, the creation and arrival of a brand-new human being is both exciting and moving, but it brings awesome responsibilities.

Bringing a new life into this world is one of the most important things any two people can do and a Naming Ceremony is the chance to offer support for those who will take care of the child. Be very aware that the way a child is looked after, cared for and loved, will all play a part in determining the sort of adult that child will become.

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